What are Virtual Tours?


Life Design Group creates models of existing spaces by collating images and data captured on site using advanced virtual reality technology.

These models work seamlessly across multiple devices (phones/tablets/desktop) and are compatible with most well-known brands.

Available in 4k and HD. 

Each captured space gives the user the flexibility to move around the property, listen to audio and visuals explaining certain points of key interest, tour the surrounding areas and local amenities using integrated Google StreetView, and therefore have an accurate overall experience to inform decision-making and enhance user experience. 


There are a variety of features that come with the VR tour experience and can be used to help you monitor your tours and draw attention to specific points of interest.


Heat Maps

You can analyse users’ eye tracking data as a heat map You can tweak your content by referencing heat maps to maximise user engagement and sales

Hot Spots

You can improve user experience and provide key areas of information by adding text, images, audio, and videos to anywhere in the scene.

Online hosting is supported and we can embed the tours directly into your existing website or create a new one for you!

Professional Videos

We provide custom made professional 4k videos and Animation videos created to reflect your content brilliantly. Our team will work professionally within your requirements to make videos that will capture and engage your audience.

Professional Audio & Voice Overs

We have produced voice overs and music that are used all over the world by multi-million pound companies. Our team can provide radio quality male and female voice over, narration and even translation in Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Russian.

We partner with a professional land based specialist for all outdoor shots to make sure that our footprint is conservation first and eco-friendly, whilst ensuring that our final takes are of the highest quality

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or call us on 0330 808 1981