Website hosting isn’t just about making sure your website is online for people to see – it also affects its speed and in turn your SEO. If your website’s slow, visitors are more likely to leave or abandon an order halfway through checking out.

Life Design has a variety of website hosting options available.

Using one of the web’s leading Cloud hosting services our platforms are optimised to be fast and reliable. 

If your website is very large or you’re hosting several sites, a dedicated server could be the best option. We can commission, install and look after a dedicated server for you so you can focus on what you do best. 

All our hosting services mean that we look after the back end of your website, including domain names, spam filters, password settings and all the other little things you don’t want to be thinking about. All our servers are located in a secure data centre in the UK, so you know your website is safe with us.

We also have an option for email hosting, which makes sure that spam and viruses are kept away whilst giving you easy to access webmail, G-Suite mail or POP.IMAP mail. 


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